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Branded Badges are ideal for high profile promotions and award schemes due to their high perceived value. We Brand it to reflect the Visibility of your brand or events, organizations, promo details with beautiful readable designs of logo or text. We deliver to your door anywhere in Nigeria. All our prints are Quality and Very Beautiful.

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Material:  Available in Oval, Square and Round Shapes

Colours: It comes in different colours that are well appealing and captivating

Styling: Digital Sublimation Prints with any of your chosen logo, text or image.

Best For Self & Corporate branding used for gifting, corporate branding and souvenirs

Usage Options: Suitable for all Purpose

Delivery: Within 5 working days all through Nigeria.

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Finishing Options: Sharp print With Full Colour in front and beautifully packed in fitted box

FAQ Requirement

Each pack come in 10. Select option and Number of Quantity, after order, Send in Details of Designs through WhatsApp and any other Preferred Options details

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Branded Badges

Branded Badges


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